Overshield by Predictive Monitor

OverShield Unlocks
Predictive Maintenance
for Your Chambers

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Protect Your
Priceless Assets

OverShield by Predictive Monitor is a disruptive technology, creating the world’s first predictive maintenance system for walk-in freezers, cold rooms and warm rooms, regardless of the manufacturer. OverShield uses IoT sensor technology, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced analytics to identify and prevent equipment problems before they result in downtime.  Cloud-based software trends chamber performance, detects anomalies, and alerts your response team to perform condition-based maintenance. OverShield is a game-changer.

  • Provides confidence knowing that priceless assets are protected. 
  • Early warnings and condition-based maintenance enable staff to work more efficiently.
  • Cuts costs by enabling quick, minor fixes rather than long and costly repairs.

Getting started with OverShield is simple and preventing chamber failure is transformative. OverShield is the future of GMP.

Learn how OverShield takes the guesswork out of chamber maintenance. 

An Installation Process That Avoids Chamber Disruption

Installation of OverShield is a non-invasive, topical process that allows chambers to stay running and avoid downtime. In a few short hours, the experts at Predictive Monitor install OverShield sensors in designated spots throughout the refrigeration equipment for your chamber, regardless of the manufacturer.

Maintenance Begins

After OverShield has ran a few operational cycles worth of data through its AI algorithms, our experts take a deep dive into your equipment’s performance to identify trends and areas of concern. We capture all of this information in a report and present it at our first data review meeting--the official kick-off point of predictive maintenance.  During this meeting, we can also give you a quick training on using the software and how to best utilize its findings. 

Ongoing Communication
and Expert Advice  

OverShield customers receive comprehensive weekly reports that identifies a passing or failing OverShield Score, indicative of your chamber's health.

 Reports include:

  • chamber performance scores and summaries, quickly identifying if action is needed
  • statistical comparisons that show how assets are performing compared to their baseline
  • AI detected and expert reviewed observations that identify issues and provide recommended solutions  

We hold a quarterly data review meeting with you, to discuss long-term trends and share feedback on your equipment’s performance. 

When you leave the predictive monitoring to OverShield, you don’t worry about analyzing the data, learning a new software program, or becoming a vibration analyst. Our experts handle those aspects for you, so you can act on OverShield's recommendations and respond to early warning alarms. OverShield optimizes your chamber's performance. "Early warnings predict success."

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Early Warnings
and Failure Prevention

OverShield alerts you to alarms via email, text or phone call, providing your team advanced notice to correct issues on your schedule before the issues lead to chamber failure.

OverShield grants you hours, days, weeks or even months of early warnings. 

See our Case Studies to see how OverShield has saved our customers from chamber failure.

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